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Journey into creative imagination
Malaville is a place of stunning beauty, where everyone is welcome to play. It is a place where your imagination comes to life and your heart fills up with joy.
Malaville is a wonderful place of make-believe, where everything is possible and dreams come true. So come on in, and join the journey into the world of creative imagination.

For the buyers and viewers who want dolls with different features, with more curves/meat on their bones… more this, less that… PLEASE: see the amazing value in what is happening here and NOW with these Malaville by Mala Bryan dolls! This is a HUGE step! As someone also working hard to grow and build a business by myself, Mala Bryan – I commend you for these beautiful dolls. There are SO MANY STEPS to making something like this happen… YOU are single-handedly changing the way girls will feel about themselves growing up in this world. Thank you!

Joanna Free


  • Would love to have my children ages 14 and 8 tell you how they felt when they first received their dolls ❤. Thank you for making these beautiful dolls! We can not wait for the next ones to be available!

    Christina Yager
  • Having black dolls, with naturally curly hair is crucial for the self esteem and well being of little black girls. Having a doll that looks like them, makes them feel they fit into society and are welcome. Black girls should be able to be as proud of their gorgeousness as everyone else and having a doll just like them, does that

    Chelz Abrahamz
  • I bought these dolls to have as a collection and I have also started giving them as gifts to my nieces. It’s important for them to not only see the variety of black people but also understand the different hair textures. We are a unique people and there are no boundaries to what works are arts are created within black people. The clothes, the hair, the skin tones, our facial features, body structure all that needs to be seen cause there is no normal, we just are.

    Shanna Pepper
  • Mala Doll looks exactly like my little girl! The hair and skin complexion! She would be inspired by seeing a with her kind of hair. You are a Blessing Because there are a lot of natural dolls out there but your dolls speak LIFE!!

    Kushica Sanders
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